Slava is a young artist based in DXB who balances commercial photography with art and social projects. In four years of being in the field she has built her name both in the fashion industry and made strong bonds with local artists. 

Slava has a background in Art and has worked with various medias before evolving to photography which helps her work stand out in the competitive market of UAE. She strives to not only create breathtaking images but to inspire and empower people she works with.

She has successfully curated photo exhibitions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and is known for her "My Ramadan" Photo Project that united professional and amateur photo enthusiasts of the country.

Her latest initiative is "UAE Goodwill Photographers" that unites photo lovers with passion of transforming UAE  community by addressing its important issues and helping local charity and volunteer organizations. The initiative promotes education, social responsibility and awareness about current issues and needs of the community as well as provides exposure to photographers through various events and exhibitions.

Slava has multiple hobbies ranging from travelling to scuba diving and martial arts to volunteering and her strong cheerful energy is reflected through her creative work.